When it comes to putting together a home theater system, some people obsess about the the look of the room it will be in, such as of the design or the decorations or the furniture that is used. People also obsess about equipment, such as speakers, the receiver and the projector. Unfortunately, what often gets minimized is the quality of the screen that is used to display the images. However, as products like the DNP Supernova Core II have shown, the screen that is used in a home theater is more important than most people realize.

There are many things that determine the quality of Home Theater Projector Screens. For example, the ease of installation is important. Many home theater setups go with a fixed sized projection screen. This means that, unlike projection screens a person might find in a conference room or classroom, fixed screens aren’t retractable. They are permanent features, similar to a cinema screen.

Another thing to consider is the material that is used for Projector Screens. Most home theater projection screens are white and are constructed of fabrics that are highly light reflective. This means that the reflection the screen gives is the same level of brightness as the images that are being projected onto the screen. This is important because home theaters and other applications for projector screens may have to deal with light sources that cannot be controlled. The brighter the screen is, the brighter the images will be. These bright images will be able to cut through ambient light that is common in many home theater applications.

Lastly, cost needs to be considered. Having a screen that can handle ultra high definition images, can accommodate virtually any aspect ratio or any projector and one that is affordable is essential. That’s why, whether a person is looking for a smaller projector, or something that expands up to 120 inches, the DNP Supernova may be precisely what they’re looking for.

If you need to know more about projector screens and more pointedly, DNP Screens, you may want to check out the Projector SuperStore. With a wide range of different screen options available, like the DNP Supernova Core ll, and expert advice to help you determine which screen size and material is right for your needs, you’ll be able to put the finishing touches on a quality home theater system.